Stevenson, a Cornish, family-run fishing business had an identity that had fallen out of step with its operations. Without a clearly recognisable and consistently applied identity it was proving difficult to bring new retail customers on board, re-kindle old relationships and manage its brand image.


Previous_St_logoThe previous Stevenson logo

On spending time in Newlyn with the Stevenson team it was clear that despite some challenges in recent years the business had done a lot to improve its operations and the quality of its fish was as great as ever. With this in mind we set about creating an identity that could form the heart of a re-invigorated brand.

The new logo is striking and evocative, it features a beam trawler homeward bound set against a sunburst in Cornish gold. The use of black and white further cement links with the region and with the unique shape we’ve created an identity that Stevenson are now proud of.


Striking stationery items, clean cut uniforms, an unmissable vehicle livery and no-nonsense identity guidelines formed the basis of the Stevenson brand re-generation package.