Sooner or later businesses find themselves thinking ‘what next’? Growth, a change of direction, response to developing markets… Many businesses ‘re-brand’ as an attempt to re-define themselves. We think it’s better to look at customers and markets before we reach for the colouring pens. And this is just what we did for Professional Coaching Alliance as Myles Mayne Executive Coach explains…

“Often there is a lot of creative thinking going on when you set up a new business. Four or five years later and the owner/managers are fully immersed in delivery of products or services and day to day management.

It was at this point that we started to work with French Creative. Our service offering had matured, our market had changed, we had different ideas as to where we wanted to take the business.

Marc took us right back to basics and challenged established beliefs on positioning, brand, message and image. This gave us a fresh perspective on the journey ahead and a strong rationale for a clear cut, simple but powerful proposition.

Marc also helped coordinate other marketing suppliers to produce a delivery platform that maintained a consistent message throughout.”

Myles Mayne

What we did

PCA needed to bring clarity and customer-orientated value to their communications. The maturing market and a perception amongst customers of inconsistent coaching delivery (from other practitioners) made for a challenging brief.

While positioning work isn’t about creating finished marketing communications it is all about enabling the creation of compelling communications.

Having combined a body of competitor research with findings of ‘homework’ that we had set PCA, the final part of the positioning work began… Defining the ‘single-minded proposition’ and ‘promise’, critical tools for helping businesses keep their brand efforts focused.

The single-minded proposition (pictured above) reminds businesses how to communicate and with whom as well as helping to direct all marketing communications.
The promise is a promise of value to one’s customers that helps differentiate one’s offering and sets customer expectations.

The result

Having spent a matter of weeks on the positioning work PCA have resolved months of internal debate about the way they communicate and are now equipped to approach their audiences with clarity of purpose and message.

The single-minded proposition: Empowering leaders with the understanding to create solutions and enable positive change.
The promise: Empowering leaders. Enhancing businesses.