When asked about our work on the new Kingsley Café brand, Henk was clear “It’s inspirational! What you’ve done has changed the way we do business. We are living what you’ve done… this is the blueprint.”

Henk De Villiers Ferreira – Kingsley Café
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Henk and his team at Cornwall’s Kingsley Café create delicious home cooking without a pretentious price tag. Travellers on the A30 expecting service-station grub are always surprised and savvy local patrons are fiercely loyal; especially when it comes to Henk’s legendary Sunday carvery.

But that’s not good enough for a team that prepares food from scratch and even hand makes and bakes it’s own bread. Kingsley Café doesn’t want to dominate the world. But the team want their efforts to be recognised and sought after despite increasing competition from global convenience food chains.

The challenge

It’s harsh, but given the choice, customers often buy familiar brands rather than take a chance. Even if they know quality might not be great. What they are actually buying is a service they expect. So the challenge for Henk and the team was to represent themselves and their food better. To set expectations – and deliver – building a better brand and evening up the competition a little.

Our job was to identify the real value that Kingsley Café delivers and make it visible. Tangible. We don’t want Henk’s customers to be pleasantly surprised. We want them to expect great things, be pleased and spread the word. It was also important to respect the existing Kingsley Village identity and work with its stylised K motif. Finally, any work we did would need more than the approval of the team. It would need to unite and inspire them and reflect the efforts they put in on a daily basis.



The solution?

It’s always good to start at the start rather than jump straight in. So we began with ‘why’. Why bother going to great lengths to produce fresh, home-cooking when so many cafés buy in pre-prepared food, bake it and bash it out? Henk’s answer was simple…

“People know the difference and I want to please them. I cook for my customers like they are my family. Cooking is what I do and I want to do it well.”

Henk’s answer (and the information gleaned by our good friend, Simon Harvey) formed the basis of our positioning work. We needed to identify the thing which drives Henk, defines his business and delights his customers. This became Kingsley Café’s single-minded proposition. We then went on to capture the spirit of Henk’s offer with the promise: “Don’t just eat. Enjoy.” It sums up everything that Kingsley Café seeks to do and sets great expectations.


The result

Having set out to equip Kingsley Café with an identity that they could be proud of we couldn’t have hoped for a more positive result. Not only were we able to capture the spirit of the Kingsley Café team, but they’ve been inspired by seeing their efforts recognised and reflected in the new Kingsley Café identity. Pride in their food and Cornish location has encouraged them to seek more local suppliers and is actually changing the way they do business.

We think that’s rather special.

20 Feb 2014: Project Update

Work is now complete on stage one of the Kingsley Café website. The site is responsive, working well on all screen sizes and it completes the picture for the café’s visual identity. See the new site here…