Creasefield had simply grown out of its previous identity. It was difficult to apply consistently and didn’t reflect the deepening client relationships and technical expertise developed over years in battery design and manufacture. It was clear that something had to be done to communicate the value of Creasefield’s offering. Positioning work with employees and clients resulted in the creation of a focused value proposition and the promise
Knowledge = Power.

Now we are working with Creasefield to create customer focused communications which help illustrate the company’s worth as a knowledgable and robust yet agile and empowering partner in product development. In addition Creasefield have now built their own website, such was their confidence having undergone the positioning and branding exercise, a real achievement. It’s vital that businesses are able to take ownership of their communications and this is a great start.

Pictured: Branded items help support sales efforts and take the message beyond one to one contact – a vital part of business to business relationship building.


Sheets of coated business card stock taken from the press for colour comparison with the uncoated letterhead stock. It’s worth noting that ink behaves differently on coated and uncoated stock. We take great care to ensure that variations resulting from the use of different papers are kept to a minimum by specifying optimum ink colour values for each.



Core stationery items include branded notepaper for client meetings. Additional details have been designed into the stationery to ensure that it works as hard as possible. Note the tiny cross on the left edge of the letterhead to aid with accurate folding for DL envelopes. The letterhead also accommodates laser printed titling beneath the logo making it useful for creating professional-looking report covers.



The Creasefield C and D were combined to create a striking mark for use in support of the main identity. On mousemats it’s used to add impact without use of heavy-handed branding.



Branded notepads help create a good impression in meetings and useful details are captured from the start. No more rooting around for project details or action points back at the office.


A relevant and well designed Christmas e-card is a great way to re-kindle contacts. This gently animated graphic was delivered in a subtle yet confidently branded e-card. The card has received great feedback from clients and contacts alike.