Making difficult decisions. Easier.

Before my career started to take shape with a graphic design degree, I was faced with a dilemma at art school. I was torn – should I continue as planned with specialism in fine art, or do the unthinkable and pursue graphic design? Plenty of inner turmoil ensued not to mention pestering of friends and family for their opinions.

Finally, I approached my graphics tutor, Isolde Pullum in a quandary. She knew I had enjoyed my graphics module but could see that I was struggling to decide. In her typically matter of fact yet creative way she asked me one question that would bring clarity to the situation.

“What car do you want to drive?”

My answer was immediate and telling. “A BMW of course!” to which Isolde replied “Graphic Design.”

Looking back, my response could have appeared horribly clichéd were it not over 20 years ago and were I not obsessed with owning a beautiful E24 6 Series and tanking along autobahns listening Kraftwerk. Putting that to one side, Isolde directed me away from the obstacle and pointed me towards the objective. It was a simple, insightful thing to do and one that I forget to do all to often.

So if something is causing you to wonder, forget the immediate problem, forget where you are – and think about where you want to be. You might find it helps you be a little more creative and clear in your thinking.

And by the way, 20 years later it’s a Saab outside, not a BMW. Decisions, decisions.