Image is nothing. Experience is everything.

Branding is about setting and meeting expectations. And image is simply one of the ways one might set expectations. Over the years we’ve seen too many organisations launch into ‘branding’ exercises with gusto, only to find the ‘image’ they create is far removed from the experience they deliver. Audiences always find this disappointing and disappointment damages brands.

First hand experience working for conspicuous consumer brands like Dyson, mid-sized manufacturers and eager business to business startups has taught us a few things about branding. Brands are influenced by many things outside our control – the environment, economy, government…

But businesses can control five vital areas. Business brands are built on remembered experiences and those experiences may be influenced by Products, People, Processes, Positioning and Presence.


The Product a business brings to market must be relevant to customers otherwise it will fail.


The People that take the product to market must do their bit to provide excellent service otherwise customers will go elsewhere.


The Processes used by the people must enable consistent delivery and smooth running otherwise the business will let its customers down.


Positioning helps everyone internally and externally grasp the value the business delivers relative to its competition.


And finally the product or organisation’s Presence governs whether anyone can identify it, recognise its value or discover it for the first time. If a product is invisible it is unlikely to gain a wider following and enable a business to grow or even sustain itself.

It’s worth remembering that all of these are interconnected. That’s why we say you can start a branding project anywhere or everywhere. It sounds strange until you realise that what one does in one area has a bearing on all the others. The trick is to pick an area that will deliver the greatest benefit. If you’re unsure we can help you see where to begin – and before you ask – it never means you need to start with the design of your website or creating a new logo.

Alternatively a strategic approach will enable you to implement integrated actions according to your business plan or vision. This approach enables benefits to be felt everywhere in your business without a fear of robbing one area to tend to another. If you need help drawing up an integrated business plan to give your brand the best chance of success just let us know.


Our areas of expertise are Positioning and Presence but we can help you see where other areas may be damaging your brand. We can work alongside your experts to help put the problems right or refer you to one of our trusted advisors if you prefer.
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