Brand Checklist

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Ever wondered whether you could take greater control of your brand? There are five areas where you can: Product, People, Processes, Positioning and Presence. Use this list to see if there’s anything you could do better or read more about branding

1. Product.

Is your product or service relevant to the market? Were you leading the personal organiser market only to find that people now prefer smart phones? Products must be valued in the market in order to be popular. If you have a great product that people just don’t ‘get’ we can help you see why, and help you do something about it.

2. People.

Are your people worth their weight in gold? Or do you find yourself wincing every time Beryl answers the phone to a customer? People are often undervalued when it comes to delivering great service. It’s easier to buy new kit than it is to solve people problems but get the right team behind you and you’ll be able to go a long way without bells and whistles. And we know just the people to help.

3. Processes.

Does everything just ‘work’? Yes? Lucky you. Many businesses find themselves hamstrung by duplication of tasks, miscommunication, rickety IT or shaky spreadsheets where there should be dreamy databases. You’ll get surprisingly far with great people alone, but think how much easier life would be if they were free to be brilliant. Investment in processes can be costly, but getting it wrong can be deadly. Fortunately help is close at hand, all you need to do is ask.

4. Positioning.

Do you find it easy to describe what you do? Of course you do (if you don’t, you’re not alone – see us after class). So can you describe the value you deliver to your customers? Very few people can by the way. Businesses get tied up in the every day tasks of doing what they do, only to forget about the people that matter most – their customers. We can help you take a step back and discover where your value lies, what your customers really love about your business. Then it’s simply a case of helping others get the picture too.

5. Presence.

Is your business consistent (as well as relevant) in the way it communicates? Do you find yourself apologising for your website? Or wishing your business simply looked a little more ‘together’? Chances are, your business has grown organically and created communication tools ad hoc. It’s hard keeping one eye on the business whilst keeping track of how it appears to your customers. We can help you ensure your communications are focused on your customers rather than the board room and help your business create exactly the right impression.

Why is customer focus so important? Steve Denning put it rather well in his Forbes article on Apple: “Apple has grasped that making money is the result of the firm’s actions, not the goal”…