• French_Creative_Kingsley_Cafe

    Kingsley Café positioning and brand development

    Uniform: details make all the difference

  • French_Creative_Positioning


    It's all about you. And your customers...

  • French_Creative_Gartenart

    Gartenart natural swimming ponds brochure

    Waterless litho printing for a natural swimming pond brochure [detail]

  • Design, it's not arty farty, design is a process


    It's more than colouring in...

  • Invivo

    Invivo Photography identity design

    Holographic foil blocking on duplexed GF Smith Ebony business card [detail]

  • Creasefield

    Creasefield positioning & brand development

    Stationery running sheet [detail]

  • Branding: image is nothing, experience is everything.


    It's bigger than your logo...

  • Stevenson Newlyn brand development

    Stevenson Newlyn brand development

    Identity implementation

  • Sofa Magic Identity

    SofaMagic brand development

    Stationery design

Positioning, Branding & Design for Business.
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It’s the key to helping your business do more of what it’s good at, for customers that value it. Positioning is the foundation on which brilliant brands are built. Use positioning to help your business get its story straight and start creating compelling communications.



It’s all about how you set and meet expectations. But businesses often shy away from branding because they don’t want to make a stand, only to disappoint. Two things lie between your business and a brilliant brand: knowing where to start and starting.



It’s not arty-farty. Design is a process; a way of thinking and doing; a way of making things work better. While positioning influences how your business communicates and with whom, design helps you shape your communications and bring them to life.